crypto is necessary for an open society and free market society. It's not meant to replace fiat currencies but to stand as a formidable counterbalance against corruption, ensuring governments remain in check. Crypto is the power to protect ownership you earn throughout your life, and not give governments or anyone the power to take away everything you worked for all your life. It's freedom of ownership.

when two parties wish to conduct a lawful exchange, they should be empowered to do so, regardless of geographic boundaries. Just as the Internet revolutionized the speed and ease of information transfer, so too should the exchange of value evolve to match this pace. Crypto helps us achieve this level of efficiency in value exchange, enabling a future where transactions are as seamless as sharing information.

we cannot expect governments, corporations, or other large, faceless organisations to grant us ownership out of their goodwill. It is their advantage to speak of us, and we should expect that they will speak. Historically, individuals have safeguarded their ownership through investments in gold, land, art, or business ventures. Now, we must proactively defend our rights through the creation of decentralized systems, creating an environment where anyone, anywhere can exchange their own & exchange value freely.

at Avici, we are dedicated to building decentralised systems. We are defending ownership with cryptography, Zero-knowledge systems, digital signatures, and electronic money & assets.

Avici builds. We know that someone has to build a user-friendly decentralised system to defend freedom of ownership since we can’t get ownership unless we all do, we’re going to build. Crypto will define 21st-century commerce as fiat systems fail, as we become a multi-planetary species. Freedom to own is way more prevalent than ever

for Freedom to own to be widespread it must be part of a social contract. People must come and together deploy these systems for the common good. We at Avici seek your questions and your concerns and hope we may engage you so that we do not deceive ourselves. We will not, however, be moved out of our course because some may disagree with our goals.


Ram [email protected] 3rd Jan 2024